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TanDEM-X Science Global DEM Demo Download

Free TanDEM-X Global DEM Tiles are available for scientific and technical evaluation purposes.

Download Instructions:

  • The download button will guide you to a web form, where you have to fill in your address details and a valid email address. With the submission of the web form you will receive the download link.
  • Both files come in a *.tar.gz archive. In order to unpack the data, please consider the following options:
    • On the Unix/Linux command line use: tar -zxvf .tar.gz
    • For Windows operating system use a recent unzip client program, which supports the tar and gz options
  • Please check also the latest TanDEM-X DEM Product Specification (Vs. 3.1), available as a download on our server:
    TanDEM-X DEM Product Specification

TanDEM-X Demo DEM N43W103
The Badlands National Park in southwestern South Dakota is characterized by eroded landscapes, sharp buttes and pinnacles, which limit farming activities. Major parts of the movie “Dances with Wolves” starring Kevin Costner have been produced in the National Park and the surroundings.
(Download size: 734MB!)
N43W103: Badlands National Park, South Dakota, USA (M. Keller, DLR-HR, 2014)
TanDEM-X Demo DEM N32W138
Flinders Ranges is a roughly 1000 meter high mountain range in South Australia. Up to 2 billion years old rocks build a spectacular landscape characterized by rugged mountain ranges, deep gorges and sun burned valleys.
(Download size: 758MB!)
S32E138: Flinders Range, South Australia, Australia (N. Sparwasser, DLR-DFD, 2014)
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