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Proposal Submission Procedure for CoSSC Products

Since December 2010, finishing the commissioning phase, both satellites are able to acquire bistatic single pass images for SAR interferometry applications. By submitting a CoSSC proposal, scientific users can apply for the access to already acquired and archived CoSSC data sets, but also for new bistatic acquisitions over user specific test sites. For proposal submitted under general proposal submission rules (= outside of a dedicated proposal call) a service fee might be charged. A price list of the service fee can be found here. The whole proposal submitting procedure is descibed in the following steps.
The scientific user (Principle Investigator PI) has to register as an Investigator first at the Science Service System, using the side menu link of the home page “Basic User Registration” --> “Investigator Registration”. Already registered users can skip this step and can continue reading at point 2. In the registration web form user name and password have to be defined and a valid email address has to be entered. The registration web form has now to be submitted. After submission an automatic email from the system with a link to a dedicated verification page is sent to the specified email address. The PI has to follow the link and has to enter the user name and password a second time in a web form. With the successful submission of the verification web form, the registration step is finalized.
Following the verification the PI can go back to the home page and login with the user name and password at the start page (https://tandemx-science.dlr.de) using the login mask in the bottom area of the left side menu.
After successful login the personal proposal submission interface page can be reached by the side menu link “Registered User Access” --> “Investigator”. At the first access of this proposal interface page, the PI is prompted to enter the address details first. The address details can be updated any time via the side menu link “Maintain Contact Details”. Please note that proposals with incomplete contact details are rejected.
A new proposal can be created from the side menu using the link “Create CoSSC proposal”. Confirm the creation of the proposal by clicking on the “OK” button. On the cover page of the proposal there is an option list for selecting the prooosal type for a dedicated proposal call (e.g "Joint PAZ-TanDEM-X Experiment"), or for a general proposal.
All text fields in the web form have to be filled; this includes detailed information about the proposal team, the research subject and envisaged methods. Within the “Data Requirement” page a map powered interface is provided for the request of new bistatic acquisitions of user specific test sites. The available imaging, interferometric, and polarisation modes are given by the option list of the map interface. If only already archived data sets are required for the project the data requirement page can be skipped.
In a final step the proposal has to be submitted. A submission confirmation email will be sent to the registered email account. With the final submission of the proposal the evaluation process is initialized. The proposal will be handed over to the evaluators. The whole evaluation process might take some weeks.
After a successful evaluation the PI receives an email approval note with further instruction. The PI has to fill in and sign the User License Agreement and has to provide a scanned copy of a valid photo ID. Both documents need to be sent to the TanDEM-X Science Coordination Team.
Once the documents have been received, the TanDEM-X science coordination releases an EOWEB order account for the proposal and assigns an (initial) quota limit. The EOWEB username, a link to an account activation page, the quota information and ordering instrcutions will be sent via email to the PI's registered email address. The PI has to activate the account. With the activated account in hand the PI can login to the EOWEB order interface and can place and submit an order for archieved CoSSC products.
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